Manufacturing Building - Inglewood, CA


Greg Korn Architect teamed with Saraduke Technical Services to provide Architectural and Fire Protection consulting services for the combination of and addition to a 20,000sf industrial building and 10,000sf retail building in Inglewood, California. The project has involved extensive review and interface with jurisdictions including the local and county building and fire departments respectively. The overall scope of work is to combine, upgrade, and make additions to two existing commercial buildings (totaling 35,000sf of floor area) into one mixed use manufacturing and retail campus which meets the needs of the owner and satisfies the requirements of local, state, and federal codes.

 Location - Aerial View

Location - Aerial View

Project Information

Location: Inglewood, CA

Project Area [Building]: 35,000 sf [35,000sf]

Occupancy: F [Factory], M [Mercantile]

Construction Type: V-A

Cost: $2,000,000 (Est)

Year Built: 2013-Present

Consultants: Saraduke Technical Services [FP], Budlong & Associates [MEP], WMD Design Group [Drafting, Design]

Contractor: JDCM Group